e-Ticketing.my - Leading Online Centralized Ticketing System

Is a leading-edge source solution that provide one stop ticketing solution and reservation for transportation industries, events, hospitality and tourism throughout online system which accessible by consumer over the internet. 

Please find about us at: http://www.eticketing.my
For this moment, e-Ticketing portal provide 13 bus operators for online purchasing ticket, it is:

--> Bus Asia                     
--> Cepat Ekspress
--> Cosmic Ekspress
--> Delima Ekspress
--> Etika Delta 
--> KBES Ekspress
--> Mahligai Ekspress
--> Maju Ekspress 
--> MARA Liner
--> SE Super Ekspress 
--> S&S International Ekpress
--> Sani Ekpress
--> Shamisha Ekspress
--> Utama Ekspress   
Upcoming online ticketing bus operators is:

--> Pancaran Matahari          
--> KKKL Ekspress                
--> Durian Burung
--> Tasik Kenyir                    
--> Edaran Ekspress            
--> Shira
--> KMK (Klang)                     
--> Perdana                        
--> Budaya
--> SP Bumi
--> Mayang Sari

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