Malaysia Express Bus

Malaysia has a very good express bus system. Express bus travel is the easiest, cheapest, most popular way to travel between states in Malaysia. The express buses are modern and comfortable, service is frequent, and fares are low to moderate. There are even express bus services between Malaysia and Singapore, and between Malaysia and Thailand.

In larger towns there may be a number of bus terminals; local / regional buses often operate from one station and long distance express buses from another; in other cases, Kuala Lumpur for example, Puduraya and Pekeliling bus terminals are differentiated by the destinations they serve.

Express buses in Malaysia are fast, economical and comfortable, and seats can be reserved. There are so many express buses in Malaysia on major runs that you can often turn up and get a seat on the next express bus except around holidays (especially near to or after Chinese New Year and Hari Raya).

For the information of fares and travel times for express buses from Kuala Lumpur to other cities or other destinations, please visit website

Rest stops are made enroute about every few hours for toilet, snacks or meals, and smoking (no smoking is allowed on most express buses). Most express buses are not usually equipped with onboard toilets, so use the facilities in the terminal before your board.

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