MSC Malaysia InnoTech 9th Edition

Date :
28 June 2010
Location :
Level 7, The Garden South Tower, Mid Valley City, Lingkaran Syed Putra, 
59200 Kuala Lumpur.

Thanks to ALLAH swt, everything had been done after almost a month preparation with advice support from MDeC and their consultants, finally today we have successfully present it our business model concept in front of the investors. Despite there is a little bit changes in the content of presentation in the last minute, we can manage it very well.

MSC Malaysia InnoTech 9th Edition, giving us especially for Energetic Point Sdn. Bhd. the opportunity and experience that is useful about the concept of marketing strategies, financial analysis and business models to our dealing with the investors in the future. It gives us the learning on how to negotiate with the third parties when promote our products.

For today preparations managed by En. Muhammad Nazri Baksis and En. Azahar Deress in preparing information to inclusion inside the presentation, and presentation is successfullly present by the director of the company itself En. Shahizam Ibrahim. Also, the supporting by En. Mohd Hazril Harun who are very excited giving encouragement today.

Even this is our first time, we were so glad and satisfied to participated this programme because it gives us advantage to introduce our in global market. At this time, we can say that already be known in the ASEAN countries through the MSC Malaysia InnoTech 9th Edition. From the feedback after the presentation, almost 80% investors said that can be online trademark in Malaysia segment and needs properly marketing and business development strategies to be top online ICT solution for ticketing segment.

At last, we hope we can boost up our in local market segment this year and ASEAN countries for the next year. We also welcome to any partners from outside to join us!      

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