Agent Membership Terms and Conditions

Applicants wishing to apply for agent membership with may do so under their own individual name and under the name of a business or company registered under the 'Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia.'
--> be at least 18 years of age;
--> not be undercharged bankrupt; and
--> one copy of NRIC,
--> one copy of company's registration,
--> one copy of three (3) bank statement, and
--> one copy of one (1) utility bill (either eletricity or water).

Each agent membership application shall be subjected to the e-Transact Technology Sdn. Bhd. final approval.

The applicant may be registered upon payment of the agent membership registration fee, at e-Transact principal office in Kuala Lumpur subject to the applicant's acceptance of the Agent Membership Terms and Conditions stated hereunder

Subject always to Clause 7 hereunder, an applicant shall be entitled to only one agent membership at any one time:
--> If a person holds more than one active agent membership, the earliest remaining agent membership shall super cede all subsequent applications. All such subsequent agent memberships shall be deemed to be null and void, and the joining fee(s) for the subsequent agent membership shall be forfeited.

The potential applicants who are qualified to be agent member are required to make payment on:
--> Agent Membership Registration (RM 40.00)
--> Agent License Fee and System Subcription (RM 299.00 per year)

The payment should be paid under the name of:
--> Name of company : e-Transact Technology Sdn. Bhd.
--> Bank Account       : 5140-0750-08535 (Maybank).

Any changes regarding the fee charges is subject to e-Transact policy and will be inform to the agent members up-to-date.

The agent members are deemed to be independent contractors, and shall operate their agent memberships as independent dealers / distributors of products marketed by; agent members shall not be deemed to be agents, partners, representative, legal or otherwise, franchisees and/or employees of e-Transact.

The agent members shall be solely responsible for renewing their agent memberships on or before the month of expiry.

In the event of any failure, refusal and/or neglect to renew their agent memberships as aforesaid, the agent membership shall be deemed to have expired.

The agent members whose memberships have expired shall be allowed to re-apply to become the agent member only after one (1) month from the month of expiry.

The agent members shall sell all products marketed by only.

The agent members are automatically entitled to participate in any of the Schemes launched by the e-Transact.

The agent member shall not permit, allow and/or in any manner directly/indirectly participate in the sale and/or display of any/all products marketed by at other retail counters, stalls or public area, without prior written approval of e-Transact.

Agent members are not allowed either directly or indirectly to offer free agent membership, lucky draws or any other form of inducements or promises to entice individuals to register as agent members.

Line-switching which is defined as re-registering an existing agent member under
the particulars of another person and getting the agent member to purchase under the new agent member, is strictly prohibited.

Other than printed materials that may from time to time supply and/or sell to agent members, agent members shall not use the logo, letterhead, stationery and/or any other representations of without the prior written approval of e-Transact.

The agent members, when transacting with or’s liaison officer shall at all times furnish and display his/her Agent ID.

The strictly prohibits the selling of products in unreasonable amounts primarily for the purposes of extra earnings or advancements.

Agent members shall conduct themselves in an honest and ethical manner and shall not in any way injure, or cause disrepute to,'s name and/or its affiliated brand names.

The agent members shall comply with all national, federal, state, provincial, territorial, or local laws and regulations in the conduct of their businesses.

The e-Transact may affect transfer of the agent membership of any agent member concerned to his/her heirs, assignees or successors-in-title, in the event of any of the following:
--> the demise of the agent member concerned; or
--> where the agent member concerned has been medically certified to be insane.

Agent members may in any, of the following circumstances, apply to for the transfer of his/her agent membership to his/her nominee subject to e-Transact approval:
--> Where the agent member concerned has furnished sufficient evidence of migration; or 
--> Under any other special circumstances and such application being made under this sub-section subject to approval at e-Transact final and unfettered discretion.  

Any business entity/company registered as the agent member shall notify e-Transact within 14 days of any change in the partnership, or ownership. e-Transact however, reserves the unfettered right to affirm, suspend, or terminate the agent membership of such agent members in the event such change in the composition of its partners or ownership is not made known to or is not approved by e-Transact.

 The agent member may cancel his or her agent membership by written request, if he or she remains inactive (i.e. no sales of products) over a period of three (3) consecutive months. Following receipt of e-Transact written approval of the agent membership cancellation, the agent member concerned may re-apply under a different membership, by paying the prescribed registration fees. The agent member(s) concerned shall have no rights, interests or claims with regard to the earlier cancelled agent membership.

The agent terminal(s) is/are always located at the authorized location must be approved by e-Transact.

The sales/voucher price is in accordance with what is set on the menu/LCD.

The agent members is fully responsible for the assigned Administrator code and shall safeguard it from any unauthorized access

Risk and title of the PINs is passed to the agent members once the voucher is printed.

Agent terminal(s) will always remain the property of e-Transact and e-Transact reserve the right to recall the agent terminal(s) whenever deemed necessary. 

Violation of any of the Agent Membership Terms and Conditions may result at e-Transact discretion, in one or more of the following disciplinary actions.
--> e-Transact may suspend and/or terminate the agent membership of any member for any non-compliance, breach and/or violation of any of the above terms and conditions.
--> In the event of the termination of a agent membership for any reason by e-Transact, the terminated agent member's group shall be transferred, or re-adjusted under e-Transact sole and unfettered discretion.
--> The e-Transact shall be entitled to make necessary adjustments and/or rectification to the groups and lines as it deems fit and proper.
--> In addition to e-Transact rights as above, e-Transact further reserves the right to take any other course of action against any agent member who has violated any of the above terms and conditions.  

The e-Transact may at its own unfettered discretion and from time to time amend the above stated terms and conditions as deemed necessary without prior notice to the agent members

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